A Husband and Son Degrade Mom, Treating Her Like a Servant – They Eventually Beg for Her Forgiveness on Their Knees

Prepare yourself for a tale of how one man took patriarchy to heart, turning our once-happy marriage into a blizzard of demands and orders. When our son started mimicking him, I knew I had to do something drastic! My story will have you shocked and angry at times, but the ending is worth it! Read on!

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha and I have a story to tell that I hope will inspire other married and non-married women. See, I work as a steamfitter and have been in a supervision role for a while, which allows me incentives and bonuses.

Besides all those extra benefits, I was earning more than $100 an hour! However, to earn that much meant I also had to work out of town, but it’s something I only started doing when our boy, Terry, was old enough to care for himself under my husband’s supervision.

Me earning so much meant our retirement savings were racking up, and we’ve been able to splurge on ourselves and the kids. I thought everything was fine between my husband and me, and he never made any special demands from me.

However, a few years ago, things started changing with Ben. I generally think it has something to do with the influence he’s been getting at work. See, my husband works with a team of sexist men who consider women as service personnel.

Their influence on Ben became visible in our fifth year of marriage when he started mocking me for not doing enough housework! He’d shifted his gaze upon me not as his partner but as his servant, even though I work too and earn MORE than him!

Our marriage, once a symphony of shared dreams and mutual respect, devolved into a series of expectations and dismissals. “It was as if overnight, he donned the cloak of patriarchy, echoing the archaic sentiments of his colleagues,” I mused, shocked by how things could change so quickly.

What was even worse for me was that he liked throwing things around, leaving chaos in the kitchen before just lying down on the couch! However, what irritated me the most was that our son started COPYING him!

Knowing how hectic my work schedule was and wanting to find some peace at home, I told my husband to hire a cleaner, but he shocked me when he said, “NO! THAT’S YOUR JOB!”

I was fuming and frustrated by this new behavior and told him that in that case, I wouldn’t pay for anything because it was his job!

Last Saturday, I was at home with Terry and after having dinner, he got up without cleaning up after himself. My son, a mirror image of his father’s burgeoning disdain, challenged me. His words, sharp as knives, cut through the silence, “Clean this up and wash it.”

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