Am I Wrong for Disinviting My Dad on the Morning of My Wedding after What He Did?

After my parents divorced, I chose to stay with my father and his new wife—my stepmother. However, when I was ready to get married, a revelation came about that forced me to cut my father and stepmom from my wedding guests because of a truth I was never supposed to hear!

My name is Sarah, and like some women, I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day forever! One person I knew I definitely wanted to be there on my special day was my father, James. My dad’s always been my rock and there for me, unlike my mom who’s been kind of distant, to be honest.

Besides my father, I was also quite close to Karen, my stepmother, who married him when I was still a child. Compared to my mother,

My mother, Matilda, was actually quite a happy, loving, and present person when I was younger, but she changed drastically when she and my dad divorced. The changes began during the last years of her marriage to my father.

I could see how she wasn’t her usual cheerful self and, despite being divorced, she refused to get into another relationship. When their divorce happened, I opted to stay with my father, and even though my mom didn’t say anything, it was obvious that she resented my choice.

Compared to my mother, I felt like my father and stepmother gave me stability as a child, something I never experienced with my mom.

Whenever holidays and special occasions came, I wanted my whole family together, including my mother, but she always refused to join us. She basically avoided my father like he was the worst human on Earth, and I never understood her behavior.

I was set to get married, and that was going to be the first event where both parents would be together at the same time.

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