Amber Luke: The Dragon Girl’s Journey to Reclaiming Beauty

Amber Luke, famously known as the ‘Dragon Girl’ for her extensive body tattoos, recently went through a second eyeball tattoo procedure. This brave Australian woman, who has 98% of her body adorned with stunning tattoos, had previously experienced blindness for three weeks after her first attempt at getting her eyes tattooed. Despite the challenges, Amber has no regrets and is determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

On May 18th, 29-year-old Amber traveled all the way from Australia to São Paulo, Brazil, to undergo another eyeball tattoo session. With the assistance of tattoo artist Gattoo Moreno, she successfully achieved her desired result of having blue and black sclera – the white part of the eyeballs. This time, Amber took every precaution to avoid complications or any loss of sight.

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