At 5 She Was Dubbed As The Girl With The “Most Beautiful Hair”, But Wait Till You See How She Looks Today

Meet Mia Aflalo, a 5-year-old from Tel Aviv who’s taking the internet by storm with her luscious curls and captivating smile. With over 94,000 Instagram followers, Mia’s rise to fame has been aided by Israeli hair stylist Sagi Dahari, who has worked with her on various modeling shots.

Mia is a pleasure to deal with, says Dahari, who has nicknamed her “Princess Mia.” “She doesn’t quarrel or complain, she just waits patiently and smiles at everyone.”
Mia’s Instagram account features her posing in various hairstyles, from Hollywood waves to a bow-style updo. Her hair has even been compared to Jennifer Lopez’s in one photo.

While many admire Mia’s beauty, others have raised concerns about her young age and potential exposure to unwanted attention. “What a ridiculous over-the-top thing to do to a child,” wrote one follower. Another added, “You are endangering her life as well as her present and future mental health.”

Despite the mixed reactions, Mia’s talent and charm have won over many hearts. “Stunning little lady!” wrote one follower. Another joked, “I hate myself a little more now that I’ve seen a 5-year-old with more hair on her head than all the hair I have on my body!”

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