At Husband’s Funeral Wife Meets a Woman with His Baby in Her Arms – Story of the Day

Nancy’s life is turned upside down at her husband’s funeral when she encounters an older woman holding a baby. The woman claims the child she is carrying is Nancy’s late husband’s. Is she lying? Or do more shocking revelations await Nancy?

Nancy looked at the final traces of her husband’s funeral service. She couldn’t believe Patrick was gone. He had died in a car accident. It had been a week, but she could still feel him around her. How could he be dead?

With a heavy heart, she headed toward the cemetery’s exit, telling herself she had to start figuring out the rest of her life.

Suddenly, an older woman with a baby blocked her path.

Nancy’s heart wasn’t ready when the woman, Amanda, revealed the baby in her arms was Patrick’s child.

“Only you can look after this child now,” she told Nancy. “Her mother can’t provide for her.”

A shiver ran down Nancy’s spine. She stared at the baby and backed away.

Nancy turned around and left. She would never doubt Patrick.

“Watch out!”

Nancy bumped into one of Patrick’s old friends, Mike. She was too lost in her thoughts to notice where she was heading. Mike started chatting with her, offering his condolences.

Nancy didn’t want to talk to anyone, but she had to be courteous. She finished the conversation as soon as she could and headed to her car. The baby’s thoughts replayed in her mind, but she dismissed them. However, as Nancy opened her car door, she was shocked. The same baby lay in her back seat, crying.

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