Audience boos biological male who wins girl’s state championship

A male who identifies as female just won the girl’s state championship for the 6A 200-meter dash in Oregon and was booed as he crossed the finish line. His name is Aayden Gallagher and he goes to McDaniel High School. according to a sports report on NY Post. The article said Aayden Gallagher is a sophomore at the school and he also ran the fastest 400-meter dash prelim, but lost in the final by 0.15 of a second. The NY Post

report continued, saying the following:

Gallagher caused outrage on social media on Wednesday after competing in several events at the Portland Interscholastic League Championship semifinals against girls. Gallagher finished in first place in the 400-meter preliminary event with a 56.14 time – 0.23 seconds better than the second-place finisher. Gallagher finished second in the 200-meter preliminary event with a time of 24.49 – about 0.17 slower than the first-place finisher.

As you can tell, tons of people are sick of the woke identity crisis that’s allowing males to compete in girl’s sports and taking away championships and victories from real females, just to appeal to some woke things going on for a small amount of people.

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