Beloved star has died today leaving devastated fans sharing heartbroken tributes.

Kat Simons, a radio host, died.

Her friends remember the “cherished” and “devoted” star who left a “impossible void in our hearts.”

Radio host Kat Simons has died, and her friends are writing heartbreaking tributes to her.

Kat died today. She had worked at Mix 98.1 Richmond in Virginia for more than 25 years.

We don’t yet know what killed Kat.

The sad news came out on her radio station on Saturday. They said she was a “cherished friend” who “left a void in our hearts.”

“It is with profound sorrow that we share the heartbreaking news of the passing of our beloved Kat Simons,” they said on Facebook.

“We feel empty inside because of this loss; it seems impossible to fill.”

“Kat made our lives better for decades by always being dedicated to her job, her listeners, her coworkers, and her sponsors.”

“She was more than a voice on the radio; she was a cherished friend and a comforting presence, always offering a kind word or a sweet question with sincere curiosity.”

“Kat’s life was a symphony of kindness and dedication, played out over the airwaves of Virginia radio,” it said.

“For thirty years, she informed, entertained, and kept us company, her warm, smoky voice becoming a household staple throughout Richmond and Hampton Roads.”

I was born in Elkins, West Virginia, and grew up on a farm with my family. This made me love animals even more.

She spent her whole life fighting for animal rights, and her radio show Pet of the Day made her famous.

It was impossible for Kat not to love everyone, both people and animals. “Her loving dogs, Stevie and Kirby, and her cats were proof of how kind she was,” Mix98.1 Richmond said.

Aside from that, she did volunteer work for The Alzheimer’s Association, SPARC, the Children’s Hospital, and the Henrico Humane Society.

“She was always there for me, at home or at work.” The tribute went on to say that her presence was always a source of comfort and pleasure.

“Kat’s love and kindness will live on in our hearts forever.” “Thank you for everything, Kat.”

Bill Bevins, co-host of Virginia This Morning, also said nice things about Kat. He worked with her on the radio for years.

“Some people would say, ‘Nobody’s that nice,’” he told CBS affiliate WTVR.

“But she was.” She was for sure. They were honest, and it showed. She really cared.”

Bill remembered how Kat would help people by having them on her show.

“She was like the Red Cross all by herself.” “That was so cool of her,” he said.

“Kat is the first person or animal that comes to mind when you think of someone who needs help.”

It was a boys’ club when we first started out, so women in radio just got together all the time to make sure we were taking care of each other, said Richmond radio host Melissa Chase.

“She was like a mom to women in radio.” She helped us in a lot of different ways.

Kat moved to Midlothian, Virginia, later in life and hosted the midday show for many years on Mix 98.1 Richmond, which used to be called Lite 98.

On June 17, her last Instagram post, she asked her followers to adopt a “sweet and cuddly” dog she had met at a nearby pound.

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