Bright Smiles And Utter Joy Captured In 30 Pictures On The Day Of Adoption, Shared By This Non-Profit Helping Youth In Foster Care

Let’s remember our childhoods for a second. Happy-go-lucky times of joy and, sometimes, annoyance: our parents asking us to wash the dishes, to move away from the TV screen to not ruin our eyes, dressing up in 50 layers to not freeze in autumnal weather. The common denominator, though: the hugs, the warmth, the care, the love. And yet, some children have no such memories.
However, all that can change by one word – adoption. The ever-present chance for stability and an opportunity to experience a loving, happy family life. It is a moment of pure happiness, a moment to remember, a moment of celebration. Hence the non-profit organization Together We Rise has been capturing them in photographs for the last 2 years.

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