Dad Caught Taking The Cutest Snooze With The “Dog He Didn’t Want.”

There’s nothing more adorable than a begrudging father finally deciding to cuddle up with a snuggly, four-legged sweetheart. This dad is taking a snooze with the dog he didn’t want and, clearly, he’s had a change of heart.


Cuddled up in the living room of a beautiful, cozy house, this pair is taking an afternoon doze.

The video itself is captioned, “My dad’s not that into dogs.” Psh… sure.

Viewers love the comfy posture of this video, too. Both Dad and dog seem happy as could be!

“He holds that dog in his sleep with the muscle memory of a man who held babies in the middle of the night,” said one fan.

dad sleeping with dog he didn't want
This image is from Instagram.

“And just like that, lives changed for the better. The calming sweetness of having a little animal in your arms,” commented another viewer, noting the peacefulness of the captured moment.

“Yes he clearly can’t stand them,” joked another fan of this dad with a dog he didn’t want.

These sweetie pies are a great reminder that, sometimes opinions change. When you let love in, who knows what’s going to happen?

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