Everyone was wondering what happened to Carrie Underwood’s husband

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have been a staple couple on the red carpet. They’ve walked together at the world’s most prestigious award ceremonies, including the Grammys, CMA Awards, and American Music Awards.

We usually can’t get enough of seeing this country star and her retired hockey player husband looking oh-so loved up.

The CMT Music Awards are one location you can always count on seeing Fisher proudly by his wife’s side. The former Nashville Predators standout appeared on the show with Underwood in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019.

The epidemic subsequently altered how award shows functioned briefly, but Fisher was back by his fantastic wife’s side in 2022.

Fisher, however, was nowhere to be found when the 2023 CMT Awards rolled through Austin, Texas, on April 2. So, what’s the deal?

Regarding Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, don’t assume there’s strife in paradise. He didn’t show up to support his wife in person because she was competing for Female Video of the Year and Video of the Year at the 2023 CMT Awards.

When questioned about her husband’s whereabouts, the “Hate My Heart” singer confessed on the red carpet that he was actually on daddy duty for the evening.

“My husband is in charge of the kids. He usually keeps the fort while I’m doing things like this.” She even gave her three boys a shoutout at home, implying they were watching her from home. Aww!

Notably, the 2023 award event was probably not as accessible to the former hockey great as in previous years. In recent years, the CMTs were held in Nashville, the birthplace of country music.

This occurred near Franklin, a Nashville suburb where Underwood and Fisher reside. Nevertheless, it was announced in November 2022 that the award event would relocate to Texas.

But, it appeared that Underwood was making the most of her time in Texas away from her sons, as she stunned in a rhinestone two-piece that would land her on all Best Dressed lists.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are in the public eye, but they try to keep their two children, Isaiah and Jacob, out of it.

“This time, they are not coming with me,” Underwood stated with ET Canada. “My oldest is in school, and we consider it a top priority. We want their lives to be as normal as possible.”

Furthermore, Underwood stated that Fisher is a hands-on father, which allows her to concentrate on her profession. “I also feel blessed. I have to brag a little about my hubby,” she said. “He has it. While I’m not around, he has it under lock and key. I never have to be concerned about unpacked lunches or washing not done.”

And that makes sense, given Fisher’s desire to become a father. Before Isaiah was born in 2015, he told The Tennessean that he couldn’t wait to be a father.

“(Having kids) is something that a lot of people say it’s impossible to explain until it happens, and then it’s the greatest thing ever,” he shared. “I’m just thinking about how to be the best father I can be.”

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher may appear to be model parents now, but this was not always true. Underwood initially doubted her ability to be a good mother, although Fisher has always wished to be a devoted parent.

“I never thought about getting married or having a family, I don’t think,” she stated. “I’ve always done well on my own.” Fisher, on the other hand, was the polar opposite.

“I was raised with three other siblings. And I had a wonderful mother and father. And I believe I just wanted something like that, “he remarked. “I wanted to be the best father possible, to be like my father, and to have a wife like my mother. And have children while living in the country.”

Yet all worked out in the end since Underwood and Fisher now live in the country with their two children. When Isaiah was born, Underwood’s entire perspective on fatherhood was turned upside down. “It has changed me as a person. I’m happier now. I’m in a better mood most of the time,” she told Redbook Mag about it. “I’m utterly smitten!”

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