Girl Feels Embarrassed by Her Coal Miner Father, Sheds Tears When He Speaks at Her Graduation

A coal miner’s daughter tells him he can’t come to her graduation party because she’s embarrassed by him. He goes anyway and, taking the microphone, reveals something that makes her cry and deeply regret her words.

“Okay, I’ll call you later… Dad’s here,” 18-year-old Sabrina said as she ended her phone call just as her dad, Pete, a coal miner, parked his van.

She switched TV channels, hoping to avoid Pete’s attention. With her graduation two days away, she dreaded the conversation about it.

Sabrina didn’t want Pete to attend because she felt embarrassed by his dirty appearance and the smell of coal and sweat…

“Hey, sweetheart! Look what I got for you,” Pete said cheerfully as he came in.

Surprised, Sabrina held back her excitement. She liked surprises but hated seeing her dad’s coal-stained face and hands. She never let him touch her things to keep them from getting dirty.

Pete understood her well. Ever since her mother’s passing, he had respected her space. Placing two packages on the table, he said, “Sweetheart, I hope you like these!”

Once he was out of sight, Sabrina quickly opened the first box to find a beautiful dress. Blushing, she opened the second to find an expensive suit.

“Thanks for the dress, Dad. But who’s the suit for?”

“It’s for me, honey! I need to look good for your graduation!”

Frustrated, Sabrina sternly said, “Dad, I don’t want you to come. My friends and their parents will be there, and I don’t want them to make fun of me because of you.”

Pete was stunned as he came out of the washroom, wiping his face.

“What did you say?”

“Dad, my friends’ fathers are successful, wealthy, and look great. I don’t want you standing among them looking messy. No matter how well you dress, they’ll know you’re a coal miner by your face and hands. Please, don’t come to my graduation.”

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