Husband Sent Me and Our Kids to a Hostel but Booked a Luxury Hotel for Himself and His Mom — He Regretted It Soon

Husband Sent Me and Our Kids to a Hostel but Booked a Luxury Hotel for Himself and His Mom — He Regretted It Soon

When the Smith family embarked on their summer vacation, they expected relaxation and family bonding. But an unexpected decision by Steve, prioritizing his mother’s comfort over his family’s happiness, led to a shocking turn of events, leaving him to confront the true meaning of luxury.

We were all so excited for our summer vacation. It had been a busy year, and we needed a break. Our family is close-knit. There’s my husband Steve, a successful businessman who always seems to know the best places for vacations.

Then there are our three kids: Ben, the oldest, who’s always curious and full of questions; Jack, our middle child, who’s energetic and loves adventure; and Rachel, our youngest, who’s sweet and loves to draw.

Finally, there’s Steve’s mother, Evelyn. She’s a bit of a handful but loves her grandchildren dearly.

Steve had picked out a charming town for our getaway. He talked endlessly about its beautiful landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. We all had high hopes for the trip. But as soon as we arrived at the hostel on the outskirts of town, I knew something was off.

The hostel was clean but basic. The kids looked around, visibly disappointed. Ben wrinkled his nose. “Is this where we’re staying, Mom?”

I took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. “Steve, why are we staying here?” I asked, trying to mask my frustration.

Steve smiled at me brightly. “Mom needs comfort,” he said. “She can’t handle the noise and chaos with the kids. I need to take care of her, so we’ll be staying at the luxury adult-only hotel in town so she can relax. It’s better this way. We’ll all meet tomorrow to hang out.”

I wanted to argue, but I knew it would be pointless. “Fine,” I said quietly, helping the kids settle into our room.

The hostel was nothing like what I had hoped for. It was small, with only the basics. The kids were clearly unhappy. “This is not what I expected,” I muttered under my breath.

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