Husband Who Abandoned His Spouse of Nearly Half a Century Pleads for Forgiveness on His Knees After Several Months

A “savage” wife taught her husband a harsh lesson after he left her for a romantic affair with a young brunette.

“Divorce? John, tell me you’re not serious! And what did you say? You want a fair share?” Nicky exploded, shifting unsteadily in her chair as her husband announced he was “tired” of his monotonous life and wanted to live his life like a free man.

John smirked. “Oh, Nicky! It’s not like you didn’t see it coming. Come on. We both know there’s nothing left between us. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life sulking with you. I want to live. Like a free man. And I will find someone – beautiful and gorgeous….who’s not a dead goat like you! So, yes, I am divorcing you.”

“And you think I will let you off the hook so easily? You wish, John!” Nicky snarled. “You want to live like a free man, don’t you? Well, guess what? I am not going to sign the divorce papers, and you are not getting a single penny, let alone any share!”

“You can’t do that, Nicky! If you don’t sign the papers of your own volition, I will compel you to the point where you will have to!”

Nicky laughed. “Oh, poor Johnny! What will you do? Bring a mistress home? Those young girls you’ve been playing around with? They won’t clean and cook for you like I did, John! I looked after you for 47 goddamn years! I raised our children by myself while you slept on the living room couch after work, drank beer, and went out with friends. And you think you’re going to get away with it? Never!”

You can’t escape karma.

“Well then,” John paused, looking at his wristwatch. “I don’t think I have a way out. I am leaving for a trip to Mexico in one hour. And I guess I’ll be away for six months. I completed all of the bookings, and, well, I used up nearly all of the savings we had in our joint account.

“Let’s see if you’d divorce me willingly or continue struggling to make ends meet and beg me for money. After all, what would a stay-at-home-wife like you do if she doesn’t have money? Have a good time, honey,” he said, mocking her. “I’m looking forward to my time in Mexico!”

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