“I can’t find a job”- the ‘Black Alien’ Faces Trouble finding work due to his body alterations

France’s Anthony Loffredo, known as the ‘Black Alien,’ is pushing boundaries with extreme body modifications. Recently, he amputated two fingers to shape his hand into a claw. His journey, which includes splitting his tongue and removing his nose, aims to achieve an extraterrestrial appearance.

Despite undergoing risky procedures, like eyeball tattooing, and facing legal constraints in France, Anthony persists. He’s traveled abroad for surgeries, like nose removal in Spain. On Instagram, where he has 718,000 followers, he documents his transformation. His latest post showcases his “alien claw” creation, emphasizing his commitment despite criticism.

Anthony’s radical alterations reflect a lifelong passion. He remains resolute, stating, “I develop my inner peace.”

Despite challenges, he’s determined to realize his vision, having achieved only 34 percent of his desired transformation at 33 years old.

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