I Encountered My Husband at a Local Restaurant Instead of on His Business Trip and Decided to Investigate Who He Was Meeting

Jane was looking forward to a leisurely lunch with her colleagues, especially since her husband was supposed to be away on a business trip. She expected a relaxing time, free to enjoy her meal without any distractions. However, her lunch outing turned into something far more eventful than she had anticipated.

All I craved was a plate of grilled calamari and garlic bread, relaxing with a glass of wine while catching up with my colleagues on life and work. Yet, the universe seemed to have other plans for my afternoon.

As I walked into our usual lunch spot with my colleagues—other married lawyers eager to vent about our spouses and our ongoing cases—I was completely oblivious to the surprise awaiting me. We settled into our reserved table, and as I sat down, I glanced around the restaurant—a typical habit of any lawyer, checking for familiar faces.

That’s when I spotted him. My husband, Tom, who was supposed to be miles away on a business trip and not due back until that evening, was right there in the restaurant. He sat alone with a coffee and nachos, engrossed in his phone, a mysterious smile playing on his lips.

Who could he possibly be smiling at so intently if not to me? I recalled the last time I saw that particular smile—it was our anniversary surprise five years back.

My imagination, always quick to construct narratives, turned me into an instant sleuth. While pretending to listen to my colleagues ordering their drinks, I concocted scenarios of catching Tom in the act with another woman, whom I was sure would soon join him.

For a while, I covertly observed him, though he remained completely unaware of my gaze. His attention never wavered from his phone. Even as I sipped the wine the waiter brought me, I couldn’t focus on the conversation around me. Minutes later, an unfamiliar man entered the restaurant and handed Tom an envelope.

What could this mysterious exchange mean? Was Tom involved in something illicit?

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