I Found a Lonely Little Boy at the Subway Station Who Asked Me to Help Him Find His Parents

Rachel waited at the metro station for her friend Mia, who was running late. She noticed a lost little boy and approached him. The boy, Tommy, revealed his parents shoplift to feed him and were avoiding the police.

Rachel decided to help him find his parents without involving the police. They searched a nearby park and a mall but couldn’t find them. At the mall, Tommy played arcade games, and Rachel felt a mix of joy and sadness watching him.

Two police officers approached Rachel, explaining that Tommy had run away from his foster home. Tommy admitted he missed his real parents, who had died. Rachel promised to visit him regularly.

Rachel began visiting Tommy every week, building a strong bond. His foster mother, Louise, reassured Rachel that Tommy was well cared for. Over time, their friendship deepened, with Tommy expressing gratitude for Rachel’s kindness. What started as a chance encounter at the metro station became a life-changing friendship for both of them.

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