I Found a Love Letter from My Husband That Ended Our Marriage

When Nancy discovers a hidden letter in her husband David’s laundry, her stable life unravels. The letter invites a mysterious woman to celebrate their “seven-year anniversary.” Laundry was just another chore Nancy handled, while David avoided it. One day, as she sorted his clothes, a folded letter fell out.

“Happy anniversary, babe! These 7 years have been the best of my life! Meet me at Obélix on Wednesday night, 8 p.m. Be in red,” it read. Nancy felt a cold shiver. She and David had been married for 18 years, with their anniversary months away

On Wednesday, she arranged a nanny, donned a bold red dress, and went to the restaurant. There, she saw a woman in red, smiling and taking selfies. When David arrived and greeted the woman warmly, Nancy confronted him. His secret affair of seven years was exposed. The confrontation left Nancy grappling with betrayal and the future of her marriage.

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