I Found Another Woman’s Hair in My Bed — I Was Shocked to the Core When I Learned Whose It Really Was

I Found Another Woman’s Hair in My Bed — I Was Shocked to the Core When I Learned Whose It Really Was

When I got home from work, I found long blonde hair strands in my bed. The thing is, I have dark curly hair and live alone, with my boyfriend occasionally crashing over. Curious and unsettled, I checked the building’s CCTV footage and was shaken to the core when I learned whose blonde hair it was.

I practically crawled through the door after a brutal day of data entry, my brain fried and my feet screaming. All I wanted was a steaming mug of ginger tea and a good Netflix binge.

Slipping into my PJs, I pulled the covers back on autopilot. But then I froze. Right there, smack dab in the center of my white pillow, a single, glaring strand of blonde hair lay accusingly…

My heart did a double take, then plummeted to my stomach. My hair? Dark brunette, almost black, the kind that disappears against a black sweater.

This? This was sunshine blonde, the kind that practically glowed under the dim light of my bedroom lamp.

Panic clawed at my throat. I live alone. Completely. Utterly. Alone. So where the heck did this come from?

Suddenly, a million questions swarmed my head… a tangled mess of “whys” and “hows.”

Was there someone in my apartment? Had there been a break-in? Or worse… was there someone I didn’t know? Someone who shouldn’t have been here, sharing my bed?

I glanced at the hair again, feeling more puzzled than ever. I needed answers.

“Who could it be?” I muttered to myself, my mind racing with possibilities as I stared at my bed.

Alright, so maybe one blonde hair wasn’t a big deal. I thought maybe it could’ve snagged on something, but then… there were more. Like, creepy amounts scattered across my bed like tiny blonde soldiers.

This was officially WEIRD.

“Mission: Mystery Hair” began with questioning my boyfriend, Shawn, who occasionally crashes at my place. I presented him with the evidence: a clump of blonde strands on display like a crime scene photo.

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