I Hurried to My Husband after the Accident, but He Recalled Only His Ex – Daily Story

My heart was pounding as I made my way to the hospital through the darkened streets of San Francisco, anticipating the worst. When I finally arrived, I found my husband, Nathan, with his head bandaged and his memory blurred. The sole person he could recall clearly was his ex, Cora, who was already by his side. I began to question if our love could survive this challenge of lost memories and an ever-persistent past.

In the midst of San Francisco, the golden hues of sunset bathed the city in a warm light as I stood by the window of our quaint apartment, dreaming of the day I would direct my first film.

The room around me reflected our shared life and interests. The walls displayed Nathan’s stunning photographs, many of which captured candid moments of me in laughter or contemplation.

The fragrance of freshly brewed tea filled the air, a comforting ritual Nathan insisted we maintain each evening. It was our special time to reconnect after a busy day, to share thoughts or simply revel in the quiet moments together.

Nathan was at his desk, his focus intense as he edited his latest photographs. The soft clicks of his keyboard were a familiar and soothing soundtrack in our shared space.

Our small but bright apartment overlooked the lively streets below and was more than just a place to live; it was a creative sanctuary where our dreams flourished.

As I turned away from the window, Nathan’s phone buzzed. He paused, the tension in his shoulders revealing the caller was unexpected.

He glanced at the screen and then at me, “It’s Cora.”

Cora, his former girlfriend, whose name had barely been mentioned in years, was now displayed on his phone, seeking a favor.

“Hey, Clara, Cora’s in town for a gallery event and she’s asking if I can help with a photoshoot tomorrow,” Nathan said casually, unaware of the unease flickering across my face.

“A photoshoot? With Cora?” I tried to keep my voice steady, but it was hard not to let the jealousy seep through.

Nathan walked over, taking my hands in his.

“I know it sounds odd, but it’s strictly professional. Remember, our anniversary is coming up. Let’s not let anything disrupt that, okay?”

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