I Overheard My MIL Lying to Her Friends about Me Doing No Chores at Home & Decided to Outplay Her

ideo compilation. Her friends watched in stunned silence as the footage showed me performing all the household tasks while Patricia lounged on the sofa.

When the video ended, I looked at Patricia’s friends and said, “I wanted you to see what really happens here. I do all the chores and take care of the baby while Patricia enjoys her shows. I’m not the couch potato she claims I am.”

Patricia’s face turned red with embarrassment and anger. Her friends, clearly uncomfortable, mumbled excuses and left quickly.

Once they were gone, Patricia tried to defend herself. “I was just trying to help you, dear. I didn’t mean any harm.”

“You weren’t helping, Patricia,” I said firmly. “You were lying about me to your friends and making me look bad. I won’t stand for that.”

From that day on, Patricia’s behavior changed dramatically. She actually started helping with the baby and the chores, probably out of fear that I’d expose her laziness again. When Sammy returned home, he noticed the difference immediately and praised us both for managing so well.

In the end, my plan worked. Patricia learned her lesson about lying and taking advantage of my kindness. Our home became a more harmonious place, and I could finally focus on enjoying motherhood without the added stress of dealing with an ungrateful mother-in-law.

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