I Returned Home from a 12-Hour Work Shift Just to Find Pizza Crusts Left for Me by My Husband as Dinner

My husband Dave was so comfortable not working that he made no effort to find employment. When he pushed me to my breaking point, I decided to get revenge and force him to change.

Hi everyone, I’m Amanda, a 45-year-old nurse. I work 12-hour shifts and handle all household chores, while my 47-year-old husband Dave lounges at home. Despite being unemployed for over a year, he mostly played video games.

One Friday, after an exhausting day, I ordered pizza on my way home. To my shock, I found the pizza box empty, with Dave sprawled on the couch surrounded by crumbs. “Hey, I was hungry,” he said. “I left you the crusts.” Furious, I devised a plan.

The next morning, I made his favorite breakfast, served it with a smile, and left, pretending to run errands. Instead, I went to my sister’s place, a tech whiz, and we set up a surprise. That night, every website Dave visited redirected to a message: “This is what happens when you treat your wife like a servant.”

The next morning, Dave was livid. “What did you do to the internet?” he yelled. I replied calmly, “Now you’ll understand how it feels.” For a week, he struggled. I stopped cooking and cleaning for him.

Finally, he apologized and promised to start contributing more. Now, Dave helps out and is job hunting. Sometimes, a little petty revenge is needed to set things right. Our relationship turned a corner, and I’m hopeful for the future.

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