If you find an abandoned stroller at the roadside, here’s why you might want to wait before getting out of your vehicle

The world can be a frighteningly unpredictable place, full of danger and trouble for those not on their guard.

It’s a sad truth that it remains the case in this day and age, but I guess some issues are always going to exist; they’re an unfortunate negative trait of the human condition.

Over the years, we’ve tried to share wisdom and knowledge with our readers whenever and wherever we find it, including natural signs and signals to keep an eye out for, and what certain things – take, for example, a seemingly harmless water bottle found on your tire – can mean.

Which is why we feel it’s our duty to at least pass on the message regarding a potential technique used by criminals to lure unwary drivers from their cars late at night.

You may have heard of the ‘abandoned baby’ method, but we hadn’t before we stumbled upon a viral post by one mother aiming to issue a warning to as many people as possible.

Put plainly, the woman in question was desperate to impress upon the general public the potential dangers in stopping to investigate what seems to be an abandoned stroller at the roadside.

Imagine the scene: you’re driving along a dark road when you spot a stroller parked on a grassy verge. For the majority of people, instincts takeover in that moment, and you might slow down to take a closer look. In some cases, the driver might even exit their vehicle to make sure everything’s as it should be.

And that, according to reports, could be when criminals lurking nearby spring their ambush.

“Yes, people lie in wait,” one Facebook user commented on the post. “At best they rob you, at worst they bash you too.”

Another added: “I would just call the police to have a look at it. It sounds harsh but it isn’t worth the trouble.”

Now, scams like these – playing upon the good hearts of others – have unfortunately existed for most of human history, and they seem to be an effective way of enticing victims into situations they might otherwise be cautious of.

The long and short of it is that you should always remain vigilant, and especially so if you’re out driving after dark in the middle of nowhere!

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