Is My Revenge Justified After My Sister Wrecked My Marriage Plans?

“Is My Revenge Justified After My Sister Wrecked My Marriage Plans?”

Scarlett’s life and future plans are thrown into chaos overnight due to her sister’s deceptive actions. Amidst the wreckage of her dreams, she begins a journey of redemption, navigating through intricate family dynamics, betrayal, and the search for forgiveness.

In the quiet of my childhood home, filled with memories in every corner, I never thought that my world could be so profoundly destroyed by someone so close to me. My story is no fairy tale, though it includes betrayal, love, and a painful path to redemption.

When I was 21, Robert, who was 22 and had been the light of my life, proposed to me. Our love story developed gradually, starting from preschool. Our families were deeply intertwined, and Robert’s presence was as regular at our dinner table as the plates and silverware.

Robert was an only child, but he never felt the lack of siblings with me and my two sisters around. When our relationship turned romantic, it seemed like a perfect alignment of the stars, with our families sharing in our happiness.

Robert was my anchor, helping me through my anxiety and my mother’s hurtful comments about my appearance. To him, I was perfect, in stark contrast to my mother’s critical views.

“I love you for who you are, Lettie, not what you look like,” he would say, soothing my damaged self-esteem. Our engagement, which was only six months old, felt like a dream coming true.

However, I soon learned that dreams can turn into nightmares very quickly.

Nicky, my middle sister, always appeared cold, unlike the warmth that characterized our family. However, she would soften in Robert’s presence, which made their relationship an exception, showing her vulnerability during her toughest times.

Though we were sisters, Nicky and I were like strangers living under the same roof, linked by blood but separated by a vast emotional distance.

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