Man Gets The Perfect Revenge When The City Forces Him To Put His Boat Behind A Fence

Have you ever been told to do something that just didn’t sit right with you? It’s a frustrating situation, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Etienne Constable when he was ordered to hide his boat behind a fence in his driveway. But Etienne didn’t just comply with the demand, he fought back in the most creative way possible.

Etienne and his boat mural

Etienne lives in a seaside community that has a homeowners association (HOA). HOAs are known for enforcing strict rules that sometimes feel unfair. Stepping outside those rules can lead to fines and other consequences. And Etienne found himself on the wrong side of his HOA’s demands when his neighbors complained about his boat being visible in his driveway.

According to the municipality’s code, boats and certain other vehicles can only be parked on driveways if they are “screened on the side and front by a six-foot-high fence.” Facing a $100 fine if he didn’t comply, Etienne decided to put up a fence and hide his boat. But he didn’t stop there.

To make a statement that had people laughing, Etienne painted a mural on the fence that depicted his boat. He turned what could have been a mundane fence into a work of art. And his creativity didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, since his story went viral, many neighbors have asked him to paint similar murals on their properties.

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