My Boyfriend Invited Me on a ‘Proposal’ Trip and Spent It With His Best Friend Instead — My Revenge Was Priceless

Ella expected a proposal during a romantic getaway to Santorini with her boyfriend, Ian. Instead, they were surprised by Ian’s best friend, Mark, who joined their trip.

I had no timeline for marriage, but Ian had hinted at an “unforgettable surprise” for six months. He even left engagement ring tabs open and asked about my dream wedding.

Excitement filled the air as we arrived in Santorini, but everything changed when Ian excitedly announced Mark’s arrival. Initially happy, I soon felt like a third wheel as Ian and Mark immersed themselves in their “bromance.”

My frustration grew, culminating when Ian insisted on joining Mark at a beach party instead of our dinner reservations. Realizing this dynamic would persist, I devised a plan with the hotel manager.

When Ian and Mark returned, they found a honeymoon suite with rose petals and a velvet box from Ian’s suitcase. I told Ian he could propose to Mark instead, then announced my decision to leave.

From expected proposal to unexpected breakup, Santorini turned out to be a whirlwind of emotions and revelations.

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