My Dad Replaced My Mom with My Best Friend – I Made Him Taste His Own Medicine

When Hannah’s Dad waltzed into her birthday party with her best friend on his arm, she was determined to make him pay. Little did he know Hannah’s plan would unexpectedly turn the tables at her graduation party.

“Happy birthday, kiddo,” Dad said, but his words barely registered.

The room was full of balloons and banners, but everything started feeling suddenly wrong.

“What’s the fuss?” he asked, noticing people staring.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. Dad had walked into my 25th birthday party with my best friend, Jessica, as his plus one.

“What is Jess doing with you?” I asked as soon as I recovered from the shock.

“What do you mean?” he chuckled. “We’re together, in love!”

“Are you serious? Mom is here, and everyone is watching us!”

He shrugged. “So what? I don’t care what she or anyone else feels; it’s her problem. This is MY LIFE. I want to have fun.”

I glanced at Mom, standing alone with tears streaming down her face. She just turned and went inside, and I couldn’t stand that.

“If I knew you would do something like this, I would’ve never invited you!” I snapped, turning to Dad. “And you, Jess, how could you do this? You were my best friend!”

“I’m sorry, Hannah. But it sounds like a YOU problem if you can’t accept this.”

I was shocked.

“Leave!” I said. “Just get out! Both of you!”

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