My Father Substituted My Mother for My Closest Friend – I Gave Him a Dose of His Own Medicine

When Hannah’s Dad waltzed into her birthday party with her best friend on his arm, she was determined to make him pay. Little did he know Hannah’s plan would unexpectedly turn the tables at her graduation party.

“Happy birthday, kiddo,” Dad said, but his words barely registered.

The room was full of balloons and banners, but everything started feeling suddenly wrong.

“What’s the fuss?” he asked, noticing people staring.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. Dad had walked into my 25th birthday party with my best friend, Jessica, as his plus one.

“What is Jess doing with you?” I asked as soon as I recovered from the shock.

“What do you mean?” he chuckled. “We’re together, in love!”

“Are you serious? Mom is here, and everyone is watching us!”

He shrugged. “So what? I don’t care what she or anyone else feels; it’s her problem. This is MY LIFE. I want to have fun.”

I glanced at Mom, standing alone with tears streaming down her face. She just turned and went inside, and I couldn’t stand that.

“If I knew you would do something like this, I would’ve never invited you!” I snapped, turning to Dad. “And you, Jess, how could you do this? You were my best friend!”

“I’m sorry, Hannah. But it sounds like a YOU problem if you can’t accept this.”

I was shocked.

“Leave!” I said. “Just get out! Both of you!”

“Hey, Hannah, you’re overreacting,” Dad scoffed. “It’s not like your Mom and I are together, and I brought someone new into our lives.”

“No, I’m not overreacting, Dad, and I don’t want to talk about this. You need to leave. This party is for me and Mom. And this is Mom’s house.”

“Fine, we’ll go.”

I watched as Dad walked out, and then I returned to Mom and hugged her tightly. “Mom, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know they’d—”

“It’s okay, sweetie. Thank you,” was all she said.

It was hard for me to believe what had happened, but all I cared about was the faces of the other guests staring at my mom in pity and disbelief. I hated the way they were looking at Mom as if she were some helpless woman.

A week passed.

One Sunday morning, Mom and I sat on the couch in her cozy living room, sipping tea.

I loved our little sessions where it was just the two of us. Usually, we’d bake one of Grandma’s recipes, but looking at Mom’s face, I knew she was still not over what had happened.

Dad and Mom had divorced only recently, and I know Mom still missed him. So, what happened on my birthday still bothered her.

“I’m really looking forward to graduation next month, Mom,” I said, trying to lift the mood. “It’s a big milestone for me.”

“Oh, I’m so proud of you, Hannah,” Mom smiled, her eyes shining with pride. “You’ve worked so hard for this day.

“It’s just that… seeing Jessica with your father was hard,” she suddenly said, sighing sadly. “She’ll be graduating too, right?”

I reached over and took her hand, squeezing it gently.

“Yes, Mom. It was terrible. But you’re stronger than this. You deserve better.”

Mom looked at me, tears welling up in her eyes. “It’s just so hard, Hannah. I never expected this from Jessica. She-she was like a daughter, and now this…imagining them in bed…”

Mom broke down into tears, and I raced to her side to hug her.

“Your dad…” she sniffled. “What did he tell me when he was leaving? You’re too old, Caroline. You don’t excite me anymore. Oh, Hannah, how could he do this?”

Mom wept into my shoulders, and I can’t tell you how it broke my heart.

“I didn’t either, Mom,” I said, trying my best to console her. “But we won’t let them hurt us anymore. You’re not alone in this. We’ll get through it together, okay?”

Mom was very disturbed after what happened at my birthday party, and I had a plan to set things right. It’s just that I couldn’t tell Mom about it right then.

The following Thursday morning, I walked into the cozy café near the university, bustling with students and professionals.

The smell of coffee and chatter filled the air.

I spotted Tom at a corner table and waved.

I remembered Tom from when I was young. He was one of Dad’s colleagues, always nice and kind. He used to visit us often, but then we moved across town, and those visits stopped. Seeing his familiar face brought back memories.

“Hi, Tom,” I said as I sat down. “It’s good to see you.”

“Wow, Hannah! You’ve grown up!” he chuckled. “It’s good to see you too. How are things?” he asked.

“Busy, but exciting. Graduation is just around the corner,” I replied.

A week ago, when I contacted Tom on Facebook, I wasn’t very hopeful he would reply. But somehow, his name was the first to pop into my head, and I just gave it a try.

Luckily, he replied.

“By the way, I thought about your idea,” he said as I sipped my coffee. “I’m okay with that. Will your Mom agree?”

“She will. Thanks. I appreciate all your help,” I said sincerely.

“You’re welcome, Hannah. Your mom deserves better, and so do you,” he replied.

We chatted about various things, recalling some sweet memories of when I was a little girl and Tom used to get me princess dolls. He was just the sweetest man from my childhood, and I had a brilliant plan brewing at the back of my mind.

I didn’t realize how time flew by and the graduation day arrived.

I stood in Mom’s bedroom, surrounded by elegant dresses and makeup.

Mom held up a beautiful dress, and I nodded approvingly.

“I can’t believe my baby is graduating,” she said, zipping up my dress. “You look stunning, Hannah.”

“Thanks, Mom. You look amazing, too. Tonight’s going to be special,” I replied, smiling.

Mom had put on a shimmering navy blue dress that hugged her figure gracefully. Her hair was styled in soft waves, and she wore delicate silver jewelry that complemented her look perfectly.

“I hope your dad behaves himself tonight,” she said, wearing her earrings.

“Don’t worry about him, Mom. Just focus on having a good time. Everything will be fine,” I assured her.

Mom smiled, but I could see the worry in her eyes.

I squeezed her hand. “Really, Mom. Enjoy tonight. You deserve it. I’m so happy for you.”

“I will, sweetie. Thank you,” she said, giving me a warm hug.

I looked in the mirror, adjusting my dress and makeup. “Now, I gotta leave. See you soon,” I said, grabbing my bag.

“Alright, Hannah. See you there,” Mom replied, giving me a quick kiss.

As I left the house, I took a deep breath. The plan was set, and I felt ready. I knew tonight had to be perfect, not just for me but for Mom, too. This was our night, and I wouldn’t let anything ruin it.

When I arrived at the graduation hall, I took one last look in the mirror and straightened my cap and gown.

The room buzzed with excitement as graduates and their families filled the seats.

I scanned the crowd and spotted Dad arriving with Jessica. They looked confident, but I knew that would change soon.

About 15 minutes later, Mom entered the auditorium with Tom. She looked stunning, and Tom looked dapper in a suit.

Seeing them together made me smile. They waved at me, and I waved back.

I could see shock clouding Dad and Jessica’s faces when they saw Mom happy with a guy about five years younger than her!

“Thanks for making it, Tom. Mom, you look gorgeous!” I said, hugging her.

It was then Dad’s voice cut through.

“Tom? What are you doing here?”

We turned to see him with Jessica behind him.

Tom put an arm around Mom. “Supporting a dear friend and her daughter,” he said.

“Didn’t you mention he was your colleague? How did this happen?” I heard Jessica whispering to Dad, and I couldn’t help but smile because my plan was successful.

“Well, Mom and Tom have been catching up lately. They realized they have a lot in common,” I said, grinning.

Dad looked flustered. “I see,” he said. “Well, it’s… nice to see you, Tom.”

Tom smirked slightly. “Nice to see you too, Robert. Life takes interesting turns, doesn’t it?”

As the evening went on, Mom and Tom looked genuinely happy together. They laughed and danced, looking like a perfect couple. Jessica tried to keep up appearances, but her discomfort was evident.

Dad couldn’t hide his frustration either. His eyes kept darting towards Mom and Tom, and I could see the wheels turning in his head.

Before leaving, Mom hugged me tightly. “Thank you for everything, sweetheart. I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m proud of you too, Mom,” I said, smiling. “You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

As I watched Mom walk away with Tom, I knew Dad regretted his choices. He realized too late that he had lost the best thing in his life. I also saw he pushed Jess away when she asked him for a dance, and I laughed.

My plan to show Dad that Mom could be happy without him worked perfectly. Mom and Tom fell in love and are now together. I couldn’t be happier for her.

Do you think Dad deserved a taste of his medicine?

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