My Fiancé Insisted I Stay in the Kitchen to Avoid Embarrassing Him Before His High-Society Friends

It was an evening that should have been filled with warmth and celebration, but instead, it unveiled a stark reality I hadn’t foreseen. My fiancé, a distinguished pediatrician, and I, a dedicated nurse, had crafted what seemed like a perfect life together. Yet beneath this surface, lay underlying strains that would soon surface dramatically.

Living in a bustling city, we had settled into a routine that balanced our intense careers with intimate moments of shared dreams and aspirations. As a couple, we navigated the complexities of the medical world, supporting each other endlessly. This dynamic had always made us feel like a formidable team—until one unexpected evening.

After a tiring day, I headed to my fiancé’s apartment, looking forward to a quiet evening together. However, our plans took an abrupt turn when his friends from work unexpectedly dropped by. As they arrived, my fiancé hastily ushered me into the kitchen, a move that puzzled and then deeply hurt me.

“Hang tight in here until they take off,” he instructed, implying that my presence might somehow be less welcome or embarrassing in the company of his upper-class friends. Perplexed, I questioned why I couldn’t simply greet them, but his response only deepened my dismay.

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