My Girlfriend Told Me She Was with Her Friend, but That Friend Was with Me Picking Out an Engagement Ring for Her

My life has become like a movie. My girlfriend and I have never had trust issues until recently. I’m clueless about jewelry, but I decided to propose to Meredith, my girlfriend of three years. To get advice on the ring, I asked her best friend, Lisa, for help. While Meredith was visiting her sister, Lisa and I met to look at catalogs but eventually decided to go to a jewelry store.

When I texted Meredith to ask when she’d be home, she said she was out shopping with Lisa. But Lisa was with me. Confused, I couldn’t bring it up without spoiling the proposal. I agonized over how to address it but decided honesty was best. I told Meredith I was planning to propose and that Lisa was helping me, but her response about shopping confused me.

Meredith laughed and then revealed her own surprise: she was planning to gift me a snake, knowing I love them. We talked excitedly about our future pet, and the tension disappeared.

The proposal is a story for another day, but the experience deepened our bond. We’re picking up the snake next week, and she’s adorable. Thanks for sticking with me through this journey.

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