My Husband Refuses to Take Care of Our 2 Kids Saying He Gets Tired at Work – His Ultimatum Became the Last Straw

When I married a surgeon, I didn’t expect our family life to suffer, but my husband’s demanding job took precedence over our daughters. My father stepped in as the support we needed, revealing cracks in our marriage and leading to unexpected changes.

My husband, David, neglected family responsibilities, thinking his job was enough to be a good father and husband. He became irritable at home, and my father took on the parenting role, forming a close bond with our daughters. David resented this and refused to support my dad, wanting him out of our lives.

One day, David came home early and saw our daughters playing with my father. They ignored him and later showed him drawings that excluded him, which angered him. He blamed my father for their lack of affection and demanded he leave, threatening to cut him out of their lives.

This confrontation made me realize our marriage couldn’t continue. I moved out with our daughters and my father. Despite the heartbreak, I am grateful my children have a loving grandfather. Now, I’m considering divorce to give them a peaceful home.

Separately, I discovered my husband was cheating with our son’s girlfriend, Amy. I found inappropriate messages and pictures on his phone, revealing his betrayal. This discovery shattered me, making me regret our marriage.

Now, I’m navigating the fallout, trying to protect my children and rebuild our lives.

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