My Husband Suggested the Subway When My Water Broke – His Father’s Reaction Left Me Astonished

When Christie went into labor, the pain was excruciating. She called her husband, pleading with him to come home, but he suggested she take the subway to the hospital. In a panic and utterly exhausted, she hurried to the subway, with her father-in-law’s response adding to the day’s turmoil.

Hey everyone, I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I think it’s important. Last Monday evening, I went into labor with my first child…

The pain was intense, and before I knew it, my water broke.

In a panicked state, I jumped to my feet with all the strength I had and called my husband, Francis, who was still working. I begged him to come home as quickly as possible.

“Francis, please, you have to come home now! The baby’s coming! My water broke,” I cried, my voice trembling with fear and pain.

To my astonishment, Francis told me to take the SUBWAY to the hospital. I was SPEECHLESS. How could he even suggest that?

The contractions were relentless, intense waves of pain that left me breathless. I hung up, heartbroken and in tears. But a primal fear gnawed at me.

I had to get to the hospital, and fast.

“Take the subway?” I muttered, clutching my stomach as another contraction hit. “How am I supposed to go… in this condition?” Tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision. But there was no time to dwell.

I had to get moving, for the sake of myself and the tiny life inside me.

I grabbed my bag, took a deep breath, and prepared to do the unthinkable.

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