My MIL ‘Kindly’ Threw a Surprise Dinner Party on Having Our Newborn

My MIL ‘Kindly’ Threw a Surprise Dinner Party on Having Our Newborn – What She Did at the End Made Me Go Pale

When Karen threw a lavish birthday bash, she never expected her own extravagant celebration to backfire. But when her son and daughter-in-law turned the tables, the party’s final twist revealed more than just the evening’s costs, exposing long-hidden family tensions.

I gave birth to our first baby, a beautiful little girl named Emma. It was a tough labor, but the joy of holding my daughter for the first time made everything worth it. On the day of discharge, my mother-in-law, Karen, met us with her hands full of gifts. She said she prepared a surprise for us at home.

Although I was exhausted from the complicated labor, I agreed. I didn’t want to neglect her efforts. We came home and saw a fancy party with food from an expensive catering service and luxurious decorations.

My jaw dropped. I was pleasantly shocked, wondering how much money she spent. We thought the meals and supplies were kind gestures because my in-laws are loaded with money, and we never asked for anything.

As the evening wound down, Karen approached us with a smirk. “I hope you enjoyed the party,” she began. “Now, let’s talk about settling the bill. I’ve tallied everything up, and it comes to $4,000. You can transfer the money to my account by the end of the week.”

I was speechless. My husband, Jake, was equally stunned. He managed to ask, “What are you talking about? We thought this was a gift.”

Karen’s smile never wavered. “Oh, it was. A gift of my time and effort. You didn’t expect all this for free, did you? My sister threw a similar party for her granddaughter, and I can’t look bad in front of the family. So, it’s only fair you cover the costs.”

Jake looked at me, and I could see the anger in his eyes. “This is insane, Mom. We just had a baby. We don’t have that kind of money lying around.”

Karen shrugged. “Well, that’s not my problem. You two are adults now. It’s time to take responsibility.”

Jake clenched his fists. “You know what, Mom? This isn’t fair. We never asked for this party. We never agreed to pay for it.”

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