My Sister Spoiled My Birthday with Her Fixation on Dieting — I Didn’t Overlook It

Madeleine’s birthday celebration takes an unexpected twist due to her sister’s extreme focus on dietary restrictions. Resolute in not letting her special day be spoiled, Madeleine devises a clever countermeasure to give Fiona a dose of her own medicine. Will Madeleine’s audacious move salvage the day or spiral into further disarray?

“Fiona, could you assist with the birthday festivities?” I inquired, lounging on my soft couch, phone in hand.

“Of course, Madeleine,” Fiona responded with enthusiasm. “What tasks do you have for me?”

“Handling the decor and meal preparations,” I answered, a sense of relief washing over me. “An extra set of hands would be immensely helpful!”

“No issue,” she assured. “I’ll ensure everything is impeccable.”

Relieved, I smiled. “Thank you, Fiona! What would I do without you? I’ll send over some funds for the decor, beverages, and a basic BBQ.”

“Understood. I’ll make certain it all looks splendid,” Fiona promised.

After ending the call, I quickly transferred the funds to her account.

Fiona had a knack for aesthetics; I trusted her implicitly with the decoration. I texted her a shopping list and mentioned leaving the keys under the doormat.

“Hey, love, are we ready for the party?” my fiancé, Albert, inquired as I sent the final instructions to Fiona.

“Nearly,” I replied, standing and offering him a reassuring smile. “Fiona’s taking care of the decorations and cuisine. We just need to grab some cups and plates from the store.”

“Didn’t we have enough already?” he questioned, slightly puzzled.

“I thought so too,” I admitted, shaking my head. “Turns out we’re a few short. I’d rather not run out mid-party.”

“Smart thinking,” Albert concurred, grabbing the car keys. “Let’s handle it now. Better early than rushed.”

En route to the store, a mix of excitement and apprehension filled me. Hosting always evoked these emotions, yet having Fiona and Albert’s support eased my mind.

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