My Sister Threw Our Grandpa a Birthday Party but Demanded That He Pay for It When the Bill Came — Karma Retaliated

Deep breaths, that’s what I told myself when Ariel, my ever-optimistic (and slightly chaotic) sister, volunteered to plan Grandpa’s 90th birthday. Knowing Ariel, it would veer off course faster than a runaway cake trolley. And it did!

Ariel and I always had a complicated relationship. She was carefree and trouble-prone, while I was the responsible older sister. Despite our differences, we both cherished our bond with Gramps, who had been our rock after Dad passed away.

When Ariel volunteered to organize Gramps’ birthday party, I felt immediately suspicious. While having tea with Mom, I voiced my concerns, but Mom insisted I give Ariel a chance.

Reluctantly, I backed down. The day of the party arrived, and I walked into the restaurant, immediately feeling uneasy. A sushi place? It was not what I envisioned for Grandpa’s 90th birthday. The crowd was mostly drunk university students, Ariel’s friends.

“Ariel, what is this?” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm.

Ariel beamed, oblivious to the disaster. “It’s Gramps’ party, Joce! Isn’t it great? Everyone’s having so much fun!”

Gramps, struggling with chopsticks, sat quietly. “Ariel, Gramps doesn’t even eat sushi. And who are all these people?”

Ariel shouted, “GRANDPA IS HAPPY TO HANG OUT WITH THE YOUTH! AREN’T YOU, GRAMPS?” Gramps smiled weakly.

As the evening dragged on, Ariel handed the bill to Gramps. I lost it. “Ariel, what are you doing? Gramps shouldn’t have to pay for his own birthday party!”

Ariel looked confused. “Well, someone has to pay. I organized everything.”

Gramps tried to intervene, but I insisted, “No, Gramps. You shouldn’t have to.” I took the bill and paid for it myself.

Afterward, I confronted Ariel. “Ariel, you need to grow up. We’re not kids anymore. Our actions have consequences, especially when they affect the people we love.”

Ariel’s friends left, sensing the tension. As we helped Gramps home, Ariel apologized. “Jocelyn, I really am sorry. I know I messed up.”

I looked at her, seeing the genuine remorse. “I know you are. Just… try to think things through next time, okay? We’re all in this together.”

As we made our way to the car, the tension eased. It wasn’t the birthday celebration I had hoped for Gramps, but Ariel had learned an important lesson, and maybe, just maybe, our family would be stronger for it.

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