My Son Trapped Me in the Basement and Went Out on a Date — I Escaped and Surprised Him at His Date to Teach Him a Lesson

When Callie interrogates her son about his academic performance, he responds in typical teenage rebellion. Determined to have the final word, Callie grounds Jason, banning him from going on his date. However, Jason decides to ground his mother instead…

Being a solo parent is arduous, I don’t need to elaborate on that. But raising a defiant, headstrong 16-year-old boy is an entirely different challenge.

My son, Jason, has been causing me distress recently, particularly with regard to his schoolwork.

As a mother juggling two jobs to make ends meet, I expected him to, at the very least, try to maintain his grades.

Instead, I discovered an unforeseen side to my son.

“Jason, we need to discuss your grades,” I remarked while preparing dinner. “You cannot continue neglecting your studies like this.”

My time was limited as my night shift at the laundromat loomed, but I always tried to have a rushed dinner with my son before leaving.

“I’m making an effort, Mom,” he sighed. “You just don’t get me. That’s your issue. Let me handle it. And besides, I’m doing alright.”

“No, you aren’t,” I asserted.

And it was accurate; the school had resorted to emailing students’ results, highlighting the particularly poor ones, in an attempt to involve parents in their children’s education.

“And until I see some improvement, you’re not going anywhere. That means no date with Kelsey tonight. I’m serious.”

Jason glared at me, his jaw set in a way that reminded me of his father just before he lost his temper.

“That’s so unfair! You can’t dictate my life like this. Find something else to occupy you.”

“I am your mother,” I replied firmly. “I have the authority over your life. And I will exercise it.”

He stormed off to his room, slamming the door behind him.

I sighed, massaging my temples. This wasn’t how I envisioned my evening before work. I had hoped to make dinner with my son and share it together.

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