Navy Dad Comes Home To Newborn Son, Turns To His Wife And Says Four Words Nobody Expected

Every time a loved one is sent overseas, military families deal with tremendous difficulties. For many families, saying goodbye—possibly for the final time—is an agonizing reality.

It’s daunting to consider the possibility of never seeing each other again. Military troops must make life-or-death decisions while on duty and count down the days until they can go home. Their families also struggle, juggling obstacles in daily life without the help of a loved one. Keeping in touch while serving overseas is still challenging, despite the availability of contemporary tools like video calls.

Lt. Michael Lemmons of the US Navy also experienced this. His wife gave birth to their son while he was stationed overseas. Lemmons related this story to twenty-seven other crew members who had not seen their babies born. They could not wait to see their new family members when they returned.

In a touching video, Lemmons’s face beams when he sees his wife waiting for him on the dock. He finally gets to see his newborn child as he rushes to her side. She holds their small, darling child in her arms.

Overcome with emotion, Lemmons erupts, saying, “He’s perfect.” He then turns to his wife and says, “I’m so grateful.” He wanted to thank her for bearing with him through the ordeal of giving birth and for keeping the household running smoothly. He recognizes the difficulties of being a single parent.

His wife started crying when she heard his sincere remarks. While her husband was serving the nation, she felt appreciated for all that she had done. Even though her efforts were less visible, they were clearly important.

Lemmons and his wife held their newborn in their arms. Now that their family was complete, they could finally mend their relationship. Lemmons loved spending time with his wife and new baby, knowing he wouldn’t have much time at home before he would have to serve again.

Supportive remarks were made on Lt. Lemmons’s heartwarming reunion on YouTube.

“My husband was aboard the US Bataan when they were deployed for ten and a half months,” a viewer shared. “When they returned home, they had about 150 new fathers—and that number did not include the Marines.”

What do you think of this Navy father’s sincere response upon seeing his newborn son?

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