Old Lady Pretends to Be Dead to Determine Her Heir among Her Children — Story of the Day

Agatha Stones, an 83-year-old woman with four estranged children, decides to teach them a lesson about their neglect by faking her own death. Despite her efforts to see who among them truly cared, none of her children visit her during her supposed illness or after receiving news of her passing. Agatha’s friend Sharon, in on the plan, witnesses their materialistic focus as they immediately gather to discuss their inheritance.

Days later, as they convene at Agatha’s home to divide her wealth, Sharon interrupts their discussion and reveals Agatha’s alive. Shocked and emotional, the children confront Agatha individually. Brian, Sally, and John each experience a heartfelt conversation with their mother, realizing the depth of her disappointment. Mary, visibly upset by her siblings’ behavior, rushes in last and is overjoyed to find Agatha alive. Agatha recognizes Mary’s genuine concern and decides to leave her the entirety of her estate.

In the aftermath, Agatha’s prank profoundly impacts her children, prompting them to reconnect and make amends. They begin visiting her regularly, fostering a renewed family bond. Eventually, they honor Agatha’s memory by using their inheritance to establish a shelter where others can celebrate holidays, embodying their mother’s values of kindness and compassion.

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