I Found Receipts for Thousands of Dollars in Dresses and Jewelry in My Husband’s Drawer — The Truth behind Them Broke My Heart Carla thought she had everything nailed down with her perfect husband Andrew and their lively bunch of kids. But things got weird when she found receipts for fancy gifts in Andrew’s drawer—none of which were for her. As she digs deeper, what she uncovers could shake up everything she thought she knew about trust and loyalty.

Hey everyone, I’m Carla, and I guess I’m here because I really need to sort out my thoughts and maybe get some of your perspectives. I’m 28, married to the love of my life, Andrew, who’s 34. We’ve been together for almost a decade now, and honestly, he’s been nothing short of amazing.

We have three adorable little ones—ages 6, 3, and 2—and I’m currently expecting our fourth. You could say our home is always bustling with energy and tiny giggles, which I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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