Parents Have “Gender Reveal” Party For 8-Year-Old Daughter After She Said She Didn’t “Feel Like A Boy”

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in August 2023.

In a heartwarming show of support, a family in Ontario, Canada, held a gender reveal party for their eight-year-old daughter, Ella Scott. This celebration came after Ella, who had been living as a boy, told her parents two years ago that she didn’t feel like a boy.

Ella’s parents, Nikki and Graham Scott, initially thought their child might be going through a phase. Nikki, 38, and Graham, 39, noticed early on that Ella was different from her brothers, preferring to play with girls and Frozen toys. Nikki thought, “With Ella, it was like she always knew who she was, but we just didn’t understand.”

Ella’s journey took a decisive turn when she turned six and expressed a desire to wear skirts and dresses. Despite initial doubts, Nikki and Graham decided to let Ella choose her Halloween costume that year, and she picked a skirt and cat ears. This experience prompted her parents to educate themselves and Ella about transgender issues. Eventually, Ella clearly stated, “I’m not a boy, I don’t feel like this inside.”

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