Pretty Woman’s kids have grown up! This is what Roberts’ and Moder’s children look like today

Apart from being an enormously successful, world-famous and desirable actress as well as one of the most towering and influential figures in the industry, J. Roberts is also a dedicated mother of three and a caring housewife.

It has already been around two decades that her husband and her have happily been married.

The man who became the Pretty Woman’s biggest love is Daniel Moder. The iconic film star often shares exclusive photos of her partner and their kids.

Their adorable twins have already turned 18, while their youngest one, Henry, is still 16. For a long time Roberts had been hiding them from the public eye thus protecting and maintaining their privacy.

Roberts often shares her insights about becoming a mother in her 30s adding that she faced insecurities and disbelief.

However, everything went fine with no complication and now she could fully enjoy the delights of motherhood.

In order to keep them away from journalists and paparazzi, the couple determined to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco hoping to raise their children better and help them start a self-discovery journey.

They have already grown up and share uncanny resemblance to both of their parents. Roberts is always there to show her unwavering support to them. Their striking appearance often evokes public interest.

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