Roseanne’s Morning Show Premiere Dominates and Outshines “The View”

Fox Entertainment struck gold with their deal with Roseanne Barr. Frustrated with the pervasive “wokeness” in the nation, American viewers sought an alternative to “The View” and found it in Roseanne’s new show, “Barr None,” which premiered on their streaming network with a rating of 5.8. This was a significant leap ahead of ABC’s “The View” ratings from the previous year.

Showrunner Joe Barron proudly declared, “That comparison means we beat the pants off them,” suggesting that Whoopi Goldberg was left feeling defeated in her “safe space.”

The show featured an opening monologue heavily influenced by Donald Trump’s words, followed by skits from popular personalities like Rob Schneider and Scott Baio. Kid Rock performed as the musical guest, adding to the show’s appeal.

The audience reacted with laughter, tears, and anger directed at Muslim members of Congress, culminating in a chant of “Impeach Biden” for five minutes, marking the end of the show.

“It was a masterpiece,” Barron remarked. “We covered nearly every talking point in under an hour.” Despite concerns about future episodes, Barron remained unconcerned.

Indeed, it seems inconsequential. Nielsen data revealed that Roseanne’s audience has an average IQ of 67, with one standout viewer scoring 104 for selling them rapture insurance.

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