“Such a Creative Solution for Building a House”: A Couple Built a Unique House From Window Frames In The Forest!

This very special couple took a road trip to West Virginia 3 years ago. Nick and Leela love unusual views. By the way, in Nick’s case it is understandable, because he is a photographer and beautiful places give him the opportunity to take a lot of great photos. He was so interested in all this that he wanted to live in the forest, by the lake.

The girl supported his desire. They decided to build their own housing, rather than buy for a large sum.

The couple thought over the plan. They started looking for and buying window frames. They decided to build a house out of window frames! This is very unusual, don’t you agree! Not everyone would want to live in such conditions. But they are the exception. Surprisingly, but they managed to do it and they spent only $ 500 on their dream house.

And it didn’t take long. It took them only 1.5 months. It was quick because they had help from their friends. They put a cooker inside the house so that it would be warm and they could cook.

By the way, Leela is a designer and it was not difficult for her to decorate the house beautifully. It came out very atmospheric.

The couple often have guests despite the fact that their house is in a hidden place and at night it can be even scary. But they love it. They have two dogs that guard the house.

According to the couple, it’s the best place to live. There are beautiful sunsets and amazing starry skies at night. For creative people, it’s the perfect place! Would you risk living like this?

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