The Tale of a Devious Son-In-Law and a Resourceful Mother-In-Law

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, a treacherous man named Derek duped his wife, Francesca, and mother-in-law, Jasmine, into parting with their money. He then vanished, unaware that Jasmine was far more cunning than he anticipated.

“Don’t worry, Mom. You’re going to live with us from now on,” Francesca assured her mother, Jasmine, after the passing of her father. “You won’t be alone in this big house.”

“Is Derek okay with that? Your husband should have a say in that decision,” Jasmine asked, concerned about her son-in-law’s feelings.

“Derek will have to get on board with it. Family is the most important thing to me, and it’ll be nice to have you around once again,” Francesca replied. However, Derek was not pleased with this arrangement.

“You should’ve talked to me about that sooner, Fran. No guy in the world wants their mother-in-law to move in,” Derek grumbled that night when Francesca informed him that Jasmine was moving in the next day.

“Derek, please have a little compassion. My father just died, and I’m struggling. My mother is doing even worse. We need to be together. Also, I was hoping you could help navigate the estate arrangements and set my mother up with her retirement,” Francesca explained.

“That’s not my—” Derek began to protest but then changed his tone abruptly. “Oh, well. That’s fine. Yes, I should help your mother out. My bank has some amazing setups, and it’ll be easy for me to get it done.”

Francesca did not notice the sudden shift in Derek’s demeanor. She was simply relieved that he had agreed to help. But Derek was already scheming about the money left by his father-in-law and what Jasmine’s future earnings could bring in.

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