‘There Can Always be More Than One’: Halle Berry and Cardi B Hit Back at Backlash Actress Received for Calling Cardi the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop’

Halle Berry has crowned Cardi B as her “Queen of Hip-Hop,” but when the title seemed to strike a nerve with some, the “WAP” rapper kept it classy in her own way.

The ladies collaborated to executive produce the soundtrack for Berry’s directorial debut film, “Bruised,” which she also stars in as well, and the actress gave the “Money” rapper a shout-out during a speech at the film’s premiere.

(L-R): Halle Berry and Cardi B teamed up for the “Bruised” soundtrack. Photo Credit: @halleberry/Instagram

“I want to say thank you today to Cardi B. She was my partner in crime. I reached out to her, of course, she’s the Queen of Hip-Hop, I reached out to Cardi and we paired and we created, I think, a soundtrack and an album that is not only historic, but I think is a beautiful backdrop for the story.”

Nicki Minaj fans weren’t standing for the slander, however, and Berry’s praise was immediately met with pushback from the Barbz, who rushed to the Internet to defend their queen.

“Nicki Minaj was called the Queen of Rap by the Beyoncé and Jay Z called her the female version of him. And yall mad about Halle Berry? [crying laughing emoji]”

“Nicki declined the feature?”

Cardi responded to the “childish” online chatter by defending Berry and sticking to promoting their project. “I know how some of you girls like to tussle over this typa childish shit… but ntm on Halle Berry,” she tweeted. “Anyway her movie #BRUISED dropping THAT SHE DIRECTED HERSELF on Netflix on November 24th. The FIRST female rap movie soundtrack!! we produced together out this FRIDAY!”

The “Bruised” soundtrack features an impressive all-female line-up including City Girls, Rhapsody, Young M.A., Saweetie and, of course, Cardi. The “Bruised” soundtrack will be available on Nov. 19 and the film premieres on Nov. 24 on Netflix.

In a Monday, Nov. 15, interview with Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Berry said she stands by her comments, but that “there’s room for more than one queen, people.”

She added, “What we need to know: Nicki is a queen in her own right. H.E.R. is a queen. All these ladies to me are queens. There can always be more than one.”

Berry continued, “Queen is a term that we use to describe great. You know, we’re all a queen. All we do all day is say, ‘Hey queen!’ ‘What’s up, queen?’ ‘Yeah, queen!’ ‘What’s happening, queen?’… Queen, queen, queen, queen, queen. We’re all queens.”

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