“They Dressed In The Same Clothes Every Day All Their Lives”: What Do 84-Year-Old Twin Sisters Look Like?

Identical twins Anne McQueen and Susan Briggs have shared a remarkably close bond throughout their lives. From infancy, they’ve been inseparable, sharing not only physical similarities but also interests and hobbies. Their journey of dressing alike began with their mother’s choices, and as they grew older, they continued the tradition by carefully coordinating their outfits.

Now in their eighties, Anne and Susan still find joy in dressing alike, with one always buying two of everything when shopping for clothes. Their synchrony extends beyond their wardrobe choices – whenever they go out together, they meticulously coordinate their outfits, not for attention, but simply because they genuinely enjoy the same styles.

Despite their age, the twins have recently found themselves in the social media spotlight, thanks to Anne’s grandson, Mikey Metcalfe, who began sharing videos of them on TikTok. Their first post quickly went viral, garnering millions of views.

Their striking resemblance to the Grady sisters from “The Shining” caught the attention of many, prompting them to embrace the resemblance by dressing up as the characters for Halloween. But beyond costumes and viral fame, Anne and Susan are known for their fun-loving spirits, which they credit for keeping them young at heart.

Their remarkable similarities extend beyond appearance and fashion choices. Even their father had trouble telling them apart, with the only noticeable difference being a small brown dot in Anne’s eye. Despite working as educators at different schools, they often surprised their students by teaching classes together in matching costumes, much to the students’ delight.

Retired now, Anne and Susan stay connected through frequent phone calls and regular get-togethers. They share a deep bond, affectionately referring to themselves as having “double telepathy,” often thinking and feeling the same things.

As they reflect on their recent social media fame, Anne and Susan remain humble, viewing it as an opportunity to spread joy and positivity in a world that sorely needs it. With their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering closeness, they continue to brighten the lives of those around them, proving that true bonds of sisterhood are timeless.

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