This 80s Hollywood beauty was struggling off-screen. This is her today at 66 years old

Heather Thomas, 66, known for her role as Jody Banks in the TV series “The Fall Guy,” became a household name. The show’s opening credits, featuring Thomas in a bikini, cemented her status as a sex symbol, a label she had mixed feelings about.

Off-Screen Struggles
Despite her success, Thomas faced significant challenges. She dealt with obsessed fans, including one who scaled a fence armed with a knife. Concurrently, she battled a cocaine addiction, leading her to rehab in 1985, where she met her first husband, Allan Rosenthal, the founder of Cocaine Anonymous.

She described her initial experience with the drug as a deceptive honeymoon phase, saying, “I felt that I was getting a lot for my money. It enabled me to stay up all night and then work all the next day.” However, she soon recognized the private hell it entailed, especially as cocaine use was frowned upon on set.

Career and Personal Life
Her relationship with Rosenthal ended the same year “The Fall Guy” concluded in 1986. Thomas continued to act in smaller roles, including appearances in “Cyclone” and “Red Blooded American Girl.”

However, her career was disrupted again in 1993 when a deranged fan appeared at her home with a screenplay. This incident prompted her to take out a restraining order and describe the individual as “disturbed.” Life After Acting
By 1998, after obtaining 45 restraining orders and facing diminishing acting opportunities, Thomas decided to retire from acting.

She shifted her focus to family life, particularly parenting her stepdaughters, Kristina and Shauna, from her marriage to attorney Harry Brittenham. The couple also welcomed a daughter, India Rose, in 2000.

New Ventures
Though she stepped away from acting, Thomas remained connected to the entertainment industry through writing. She sold the rights to several scripts and screenplays and published a satirical Hollywood novel titled “Trophies.” In 2020, she delighted “The Fall Guy” fans by reuniting virtually with former co-stars Lee Majors and Doug Barr.

Political Activism
In recent years, Thomas has channeled her energies into political activism. She uses her home as a venue for liberal Democrats to engage with affluent potential donors.

Heather Thomas’s journey is a testament to her resilience and adaptability. She navigated the turbulent waters of fame while finding new ways to contribute to the causes she believes in.

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