WATCH: American Auto Company Launches Heartwarming, “Non-Woke” Ad For Christmas Season

Those most of the ads on television nowadays trend toward making shows nearly unwatchable, a few companies are still making okay, or sometimes even good, ads. One such company that just came out with a heartwarming ad in time for the Christmas season is Chevrolet, which just released “A Holiday to Remember.”

In the new advertisement, the camera follows the touching holiday journey of a woman and her loving family, mainly from the front seat of a classic Chevy Suburban, its famous SUV. The main plot of the ad is that the daughter wants to reconnect her grandmother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, with her past. The ad then uses that storyline to show a series of heartwarming scenes.

Notably, the ad focuses on the storyline and the touching scenes that they could create with it, prominently featuring the Chevy Suburban the whole time, and generally avoids the sort of woke themes or messages that have come to dominate most advertising.

Mark Singleton, a retired NBC Universal executive, drew attention to the ad on Twitter on Tuesday, saying, “Must-see holiday commercial from Chevrolet. This will be the best five minutes you spend today. Warning: Be prepared to cry.

That tweet then made the commercial go viral, with numerous conservatives watching it and realizing that it lacks the wokeness found in other advertisements. Conservative commentator and X personality Benny Johnson, for example, said, “Chevrolet drops first non-woke, heart-warming ad of the Christmas season. You will not make it through this with a dry eye. Be prepared to cry.❤️

Agreeing with Benny in the comments on his post, commenters said things like “Heartwarming. My nephew drove his Dad, my brother around to familiar places in my brother’s corvette in the last months of his life. This really hits home” and “Traditional family values warms the heart and brings people together. Who would have thought.”

Similarly, another commenter noted how music can help Alzheimer’s patients remember their youth, saying, “What a great ad! There was a documentary I recall where they put headphones in Alzheimer’s patients and played them music from their youth. They would act similarly. It was pretty remarkable. Amazing to see what music / love does.

Others, however, were less enthusiastic. One commenter on Benny’s post argued that Chevy’s executives are just trying to fleece their customers, not to produce something non-woke. That commenter said, “Chevrolet hates you. They make faux heartwarming ads so GM’s board can keep fleecing you right until the moment you’re sent to the camps. Don’t forget that.

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