Woman Posts Adorable Family Video Online, Police Show Up at Her Door the Next Day

A cute family picnic video Nicole posts online throws her family into chaos when cops arrest her husband the next day. Stranded with a teen daughter and a little son, she must fight all odds to clear her husband’s name. But what will she do when she realizes her husband is not who he claims to be?

The golden afternoon sun shone warmly over the park. Nicole sat on a blanket with her children, 15-year-old Harper and 10-year-old Tom, while her husband, 49-year-old Kevin, flipped burgers on a grill nearby.

“Alright, Dad, show us your burger-flipping skills!” Harper called out with innocent mischief in her eyes.

While capturing the moment on her phone, Nicole chuckled at her daughter’s words.

“Mom, focus your camera on him and the burgers. We need to show this to the world! Dad, we wanna see your best flip ever!” Harper grinned.

“Wait a minute, young lady! What do you mean by showing this to the world?” Nicole asked.

“Oh, Mom, you’re so behind! This is the 21st century! All my friends’ moms have social media accounts where they post crazy stuff!” Harper exclaimed, blowing a bubblegum. “Let me show you how to make an account!”

Nicole wasn’t very familiar with the online world. “I thought we wanted to go back in time with picnics in parks!” she said innocently.

“Here! Your new account is all set!” Harper showed Nicole her phone. “Now, let’s click a nice picture of you to go on your profile. Mom, say cheese!”

Nicole forced a smile and struck a vague pose under the backdrop of a maple tree. Harper snapped a picture and immediately posted it on the page.

Nicole was all smiles when she shared her first post online—a cute and heartwarming video of the picnic.

The next morning, Nicole was awakened by the sound of police sirens and a sharp knock at the door. Opening it, she was confronted by Detective Reynolds and his team.

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