Woman Receives Message From Her Late Son’s Phone — Story of the Day

Julia struggled to accept her son’s passing until she received a message from his phone: “Help! I’m sending a geolocation!” This spark of hope reignited her because she had never seen his body.

Julia and Martin had been living in silence and grief since Arnold vanished. Their lives had upended after Arnold disappeared during a family vacation at a canyon. Despite thorough searches, Arnold was presumed dead, but Julia never believed it.

One day, Julia received a message from Arnold’s phone, claiming he was held in a forest hut. When she checked the geolocation, it led to the forester’s house. Despite Martin’s car accident, Julia went there alone, but the hut was on fire, and she saw a figure fleeing. She told the police, and Detective Harris reopened the case, but Julia began to distrust Martin.

Julia discovered Martin was involved with dangerous men due to gambling debts and overheard their plan to frame the forester and stage a kidnapping for ransom. Determined to save Arnold, she secretly switched the fake ransom money with the real one.

At the drop-off location, Julia worked with the police to uncover the real plan. Despite Detective Harris’s suspicious behavior, Julia’s intuition led them to a sewer where Martin was caught trying to escape with the ransom. He accused Harris of being a mole.

In the end, Martin confessed to planning Arnold’s death for inheritance money but revealed Arnold was alive, having lost his memory. Julia rescued Arnold, dedicating herself to his recovery, and resolved to build a future free from Martin’s betrayal.

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