19 Unusual Answers To The Question: “What Would Happen If…”

Asking a question with no definite answer can spark creativity and lead to unexpected discoveries. It’s always fascinating to see what people come up with!

Check out the 19 unique items listed below! They not only educate you, but also demonstrate the fascinating ways in which the question can be addressed. The question at hand is, What Would Happen If… Let’s explore this further!

Here’s what happened to the leather goods in a store that was shut for 53 days (this occurred in Malaysia, where the humidity is extremely high

3. If you attempt to disinfect money in a microwave, this is the outcome you can expect.

4. Here’s what occurred after using a low-cost dish scrubber for 2 years (on the right). On the left, there’s a top-notch dish scrubber that has been in use for 15 years.

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